War - St Pancras

War - St Pancras War - St Pancras

Erection date: 8/11/2018


Milk and fish porter, Axlebox cleaner, Conductor, Greaser, Number taker, Horse driver, Carman, Gasfitter, Farrier, Examiner, Meat pitcher, Plateman, Stoker, Junior chain-horse youth, Scotcher, 'A' Labourer, Under-shunter, Cloak-room porter, Cook, Head-shunter, Fitter's assistant, Junior machine youth, Coal porter, Page, Canvasser's clerk, Incandescent burner attendant, Pointholder, Barman, Capskan youth, Delivery sheet registrar

{On the plaque below:}
In memory, 1914 - 1918, 1939 - 1945
St Pancras Station, Hotel and Goods Yards

From St Pancras: "The memorial sits on the station's Grand Terrace, close to the location of bomb damage from two prominent air raids on the station in 1918 and 1941 - the first of which claimed the greatest number of casualties suffered in any air raid on a London station during the First World war. Going forward, the artwork will also mark the location of the annual Armistice memorial held at the station on 11th November. Inspired by the roles of the men and women that worked at St Pancras (Station, Hotel & Goods Yard), the 4-metre tall memorial is comprised of a series of job titles that represent those who left their work to fight and die for their country. Fabian has used vitreous enamel which has historically been used for signage by railway companies and is still frequently used today. The memorial was commissioned by HS1, Bechtel, East Midlands Trains, Eurostar, Govia Thames Link, Manhatten Loft Corporation, Network Rail, South Eastern and UK Power Network Services."

That website explains the work of each of the job titles, with a photograph.

Site: War - St Pancras (1 memorial)

NW1, Euston Road, St Pancras Station, Grand Terrace

The Guardian explains: "The memorial is the first in the station. One was supposed to be put up in 1921 but the scheme had to be shelved because of a lack of funds. ... The location was chosen because it is close to damage from two air raids, in 1918 and 1941. The 1918 raid killed 21 people and injured 33." Elsewhere we read that in WW2 platforms 3 and 4, and the Metropolitan line below, were damaged.

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War - St Pancras

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World War 1

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World War 2

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War - St Pancras

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Fabian Peake

Artist and writer. Son of author Mervyn Peake.

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