Tower Hill Martyrs - list

Tower Hill Martyrs Tower Hill Martyrs - list

{5 plaques, in total listing 27 names, each with their year of death, the first being 1381 and the last 1747. See the Subjects commemorated. One other similar plaque reads:}

To commemorate the tragic history and in many cases the martyrdom of those who for the sake of their faith, country or ideals staked their lives and lost. On this site more than 125 were put to death, the names of some of whom are recorded here.

Site: Tower Hill Martyrs (2 memorials)

EC3, Trinity Square

This is an odd square arrangement of plaques surrounded with bedding plants and miniature pylons chained together to form trip hazards. The Kilmarnock & Balmerino plaque is flat on the ground at the centre. Arranged around three edges of the square are 5 slightly raised plaques, in total listing 27 names, each with their year of death, in date sequence. We show here just one of the plaques.

A London Inheritance has a great post which shows this site in 1947.

A permanent scaffold was sited here for public decapitation. Important people, mainly royals, were executed nearby, within the grounds of the Tower.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Tower Hill Martyrs - list

Subjects commemorated Information

125 deaths on Tower Hill

Wikipedia lists only 36 (in 2011).  Most of the victims that we have research...

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Henry Courtenay, Earl of Devon

Grandson of King Edward IV. 1st Marquess of Exeter.  Accused of Catholic loya...

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Thomas Cromwell

Born Putney. Executed on Tower Hill by order of Henry VIII, while Henry marri...

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Thomas Darcy, Lord Darcey of Templehurst

Known as Lord Darcy de Darcy or Darcy of Templehurst or Temple Hirst.  Early ...

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Sir Simon de Burley

Soldier and then tutor to Prince Richard who would become Richard II. Burley ...

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This section lists the other memorials at the same location as the memorial on this page:
Tower Hill Martyrs - list

Also at this site Information

Tower Hill Martyrs - Kilmarnock & Balmerino

Brenda Cook helpfully suggested we refer to the Newgate Calendar’s account of...

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