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Teddington War Memorial Teddington War Memorial

Monument: Teddington War Memorial
War Memorial


{On the front:}
Our Glorious Dead
{followed by a list of 337 names in 8 groups most headed up with a year: 1914 through 1919, which we take to be the year of death. See Subjects Commemorated for all the names.}

1914 - 3 names
1915 - 69 names, 3 of which are marked "1914"

Left side:
1916 - 51 names, 13 of which are added below a line.

Right side:
1916 - 52 names

1915 - 1918 additional - 58 names
1917 - 36 names
1918 - 52 names
1919 - 6 names

Live ye for England
We for England died.

{The front panel of the supporting plinth is inscribed:}
1939 - 1945
And to record the gratitude of their fellow townsmen to those from Teddington who gave their lives for our freedom and safety, whether in the fighting services or on the home front "we will remember them".

The group of names on the back of the monument headed "Additional Names, 1915 – 1918" gives a sense of the difficulties of managing so many names which presumably continued to come in as the seriously injured died after a long illness, or the bodies were discovered or identified long after a battle. Our list of Subjects Commemorated, in alphabetical sequence shows a few duplicates, each of which may be two men with the same name or may be the same man listed twice - easily done given the volumn of the data.

Site: Teddington War Memorial (1 memorial)

TW11, Broard Street

The inscription, 'live ye for England.....' is used quite often on war memorials, e.g. St Anne's Highgate, but we cannot identify the source.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Teddington War Memorial

Information Subjects commemorated

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Lance Corporal C. Abbett

Added to the Teddington memorial with the "Additional names 1915 - 1918".

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Private E. Abbett

Added to the Teddington memorial with the "Additional names 1915 - 1918".

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