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St Paul's dome - recast Resurgam & recast roof

Plaque: St Paul's dome - recast

Erection date: 1979


{Plaque on the left:}
Recast 1979
Norman & Underwood Ltd
R. Coles – plumbers
C. Rendell
G. Stern
R. Dunne
R. Townsend – cathedral carpenter
Robert Harvey, BEM – clerk of the works
Robert Potter, FRIBA, FSA – surveyor

 {Plaque on the right:}
The very Rev. Alan Webster – Dean
Canon L. John Collins – Treasurer
Canon Douglas Webster – Precentor and Chapter Treasurer
Canon Evan Pilkington – Chancellor
The Ven. Frank Harvey – Archdeacon of London
Sir David Floyd Ewin – Consultant and Trustee
Cdr. Charles Shears RN – Registrar and Receiver

These plaques were generously photographed for us, at great risk of life and limb, by Matt Brown of Londonist on a privileged visit to the normally inaccessible roofs and ledges of the Cathedral. Not the most interesting plaques we've ever seen but probably the most inaccessible. Some of our transcription is a little hazy, in particular the first name initials for Coles, Dunne and Townsend.

Members of the war-time St Pauls Watch belong to the small group of people who may have been up to this roof. Read more about the Watch and how St Paul's survived the war at A London Inheritance.

2019: Ian Visits reported on the '“Great Restoration of the 1920s” which strengthened the dome.

Site: Resurgam & recast roof (2 memorials)

EC4, Cannon Street, St Paul's Cathedral

Bonus fact: On the up-river side of Vauxhall Bridge there’s a statue holding a lovely little miniature St Paul’s Cathedral. The statue, by Pomeroy, is one of eight on the bridge and represents, of course, architecture. London Walking Tours have a good photo.

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St Paul's dome - recast

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Norman & Underwood Ltd

Roofing, structural glazing and building conservation contractors.  The pictu...

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R. Coles

Plumbers at St Pauls in 1979.

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Canon L. John Collins

Treasurer of St Pauls in 1979.

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Sir David Floyd Ewin

Consultant and Trustee of St Pauls in 1979. Our colleague Andrew Behan has k...

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St Paul's dome - recast

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