Shoreditch war memorial


Metropolitan Borough of Shoreditch, civilian war dead, 1939 - 1945.
The names of the persons interred in this grave are recorded on the memorial erected in another part of this cemetery.

{The stones at both ends read the same.}

We searched the garden and could not find the list of names referenced in the inscription. 

War Memorials Online has: "Memorial paved garden area with headstones at each end- should have been with associated names list at new southgate cemetery (demolished)".  And at Facebook we find a link to this (old) petition: "Protect the graves of civilian war dead for the World wars. Having recently discovered that some civilian war graves are being overfilled for re-use,  we believe these should be rewarded due respect as are Military graves. Graves and a memorial have already been lost at New Southgate cemetery, are currently under threat at Camberwell New and old Cemeteries (of Southwark Council) and proposed for reuse at Manor Park cemetery including the graves of Columbia market victims and probably of the Bethnal Green tube disaster."

But the inscription says the graves are interred in this cemetery, not at Southgate cemetery. However, it seems odd to describe this church graveyard as a 'cemetery'. We wonder whether the stones now here at St Leonards were brought from New Southgate Cemetery when that site was prepared for reuse. Even if that guess is correct it still fails to locate the memorial with the names of the persons interred.

Hackney's archive holds this: "Civilian War Deaths: comprehensive list of Shoreditch C.W.D. (names, ages and numbers); list (by graves) of those buried at the Great Northern London Cemetery; list of those buried by the Council at other cemeteries; and correspondence concerning the marking of graves in other cemeteries and the erection of the Memorial in the Great Northern London Cemetery, New Southgate."

Site: Shoreditch war memorial (1 memorial)

E2, Austin Street, St Leonard's Church

If you want some ideas for how to turn pallets into benches this garden has a number of examples.

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Shoreditch war memorial

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