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Ship Tavern Ship Tavern

Plaque: Ship Tavern


Founded: AD 1549. Rebuilt: AD 1923
The Ship Tavern
This tavern was established in the year 1549. During the proscription of the Roman Catholic religion it was used as a shelter for priests and services were held here secretly. The neighbourhood was once notorious for the gambling houses of Whetstone Park. Famous visitors have been Richard Penderell, who aided King Charles's escape, Bayford, shoemaker and antiquarian. The woman Chevalier d'Eon, who lived as a man, and Smeaton the builder of the first Eddystone Lighthouse. It was a centre of Freemasonry and a Lodge with the number 234 was consecrated here by the Grand Master the Earl of Antrim in 1786.

Site: Ship Tavern (1 memorial)

WC2, Gate Street

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Ship Tavern

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Earl of Antrim, 6th

Randal William MacDonnell, 6th Earl. He had no sons so King George III recre...

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Shoemaker and antiquarian.

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Chevalier d'Eon

Diplomat and transvestite. Born Tonnerre, Burgundy, France. Full name: D'Éon ...

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Richard Penderel

Born Tong Shropshire, one of 5 catholic brothers. In 1651, following his fat...

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John Smeaton

Civil engineer.  Born and died at Austhorpe Lodge, Whitkirk, near Leeds. In 1...

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