Royal Free Hospital - Dewhurst

Royal Free Hospital Royal Free Hospital - Dewhurst

This tree was planted by the nurses and hospital colleagues in memory of Mr. Broderick Dewhurst, clinical nurse manager. Died December 3rd 1990.

Site: Royal Free Hospital (8 memorials)

NW3, Rowland Hill Street, Heath Strange Garden

This strangely monikered garden was named for Dr William Heath Strange who, in 1882, founded the Hampstead General Hospital that went on to merge with the Royal Free.

The 4 trees are in the central lawn with the 3 memorials for the hospitals. the Hendrick stone is in the flowerbed behind the camera.

2014: We read that there are plans to extend the hospital buildings onto this garden.

2022: We revisited and this garden has been built over by the Pears Building. There is a small 'memorial garden' to the east of that but when we visited there were no memorials other than the relocated Rowland Hill plaque. One wonders where all these memorials went.

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Royal Free Hospital - Dewhurst

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Broderick Dewhurst

Clinical nurse manager. Andrew Behan has kindly carried out some research on...

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Royal Free Hospital - Dewhurst

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