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Nuclear Dawn mural Carlton Mansions

Credit for this entry to:
Alan Patient of www.plaquesof

Mural: Nuclear Dawn mural

Erection date: 1981

Created as a protest against cruise missiles. The bottom right hand corner shows prominent people of the time, including Thatcher, Reagan and Prince Charles, sheltering in a bunker during a nuclear attack on London. Over the years the mural has deteriorated and other 'artists' have added graffiti to it.

Our image of the mural, before the weather, vandals and graffitists got to it, comes from the London Mural Preservation Society.

Site: Carlton Mansions (5 memorials)

SW9, Coldharbour Lane, 387

The Nuclear Dawn Mural plaques are on the left side of the building, the muraled side. The other two are on the front. The mural is not a memorial (for which we are thankful - we don't want to live in a post-nuclear world) but, when new, was rather good.

This detached Victorian block, constructed in 1891, stands in the middle of major redevelopment plans, and its residents were evicted in 2014. Brixton Buzz shows the plans for this building - to be a workplace for the new adjacent Ovalhouse Theatre. In the comment section a councillor is reported as giving assurance that the mural will survive.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Nuclear Dawn mural

Information Subjects commemorated

King Charles III

Patron of the Goon Show Preservation Society. On the death of his mother, Qu...

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Ronald Reagan

Actor and 40th President of the USA, 1981 - 1989.  Honorary knighthood - Knig...

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Margaret Thatcher

Prime Minister: 1979 - 1990. Born Grantham. MP for Finchley: 1959 - 1992. A M...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Nuclear Dawn mural

Information Created by

Carlton Mansions Housing Co-Operative

A long-running squat. News of evictions prompted some interviews with residen...

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Brian Barnes

Muralist and community artist.  Created murals around south London for over 4...

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Nuclear Dawn mural

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Carlton Mansions Housing Co-Operative

Carlton Mansions Housing Co-Operative lived here, 1979 - 2014, housing the ho...

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Julian Wall

Julian Wall lived here, 1979 - 1989, totter, squatter, a true individual, muc...

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Nuclear Dawn Mural - 30 years plaque

Urban75 has photos of the 2011 unveiling of this plaque and the subsequent pa...

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Nuclear Dawn Mural plaque

Nuclear Dawn - No Cruise Missiles, by Brian Barnes & Dale McCrea. London ...

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