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New River mosaic New River mosaic

Memorial: New River mosaic

Erection date: 1964


{In the circle around the face at the joint of the pair of compasses:}
James made a river from Hertfordshire to Islington Pond

This mosaic mural is quite a success, with the pair of compasses disgorging the fish into the pond at the right, and James's golden crown above the face.

At a website showing more of the artist's work we learn this is made of "Recycling old crockery, pottery, tiles and so on, adhered to metal mesh. The mesh is fixed back to a concrete wall, then grouted and filled to present a smooth unified wall. This is one of several murals {here}." We know one was lost and no others are visible from the street.

Site: New River mosaic (1 memorial)

N1, Packington Street, Islington Green School

When we first spotted this mosaic there was a second one, in a similar vibrant style, just a few yards to the north.  But, January 2010, it no longer existed.  In Nov 2012 we learnt from the 20th Century Society that in 2008, just as they were in the process of getting the mosaics listed, one of them was destroyed.  Sad, but we are grateful they saved this one.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
New River mosaic

Information Subjects commemorated

King James I

Born Edinburgh Castle, son of Mary Queen of Scots. By the age of 13 months hi...

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New River

The so-called New River is actually an aqueduct built 1609 - 1613 from near W...

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New River mosaic

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William Mitchell

Sculptor. He has worked in a vast variety of techniques and media, producing ...

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