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Penton Estate Penton Estate

Memorial: Penton Estate

Erection date: 1977


{A stone plaque is laid into the wall, low down below the capital:}
On this site stood the office of the Penton Estate built by Henry Penton, 1736 - 1812, MP, who gave his name to this part of London.
Architect - John Melvin & Partners
Contractors - G. E. Wallis & Sons Ltd

Site: Penton Estate (1 memorial)

N1, Risinghill Street

The plaque hints that the disembodied red Corinthian capital was salvaged from the Penton Estate Office, of which we can find no image. Our guess is that it was rescued from a delightful Palladian building that was demolished to make way for this example of 70s architecture. Nicely domestic in scale these flats are very acceptable, were it not for the louvre vents over the front doors.

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Penton Estate

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