Napoleon III

Napoleon III Napoleon III

Erection date: 1867


Napoleon III lived here, 1848.

{Almost hidden in the decorative border:}
Erected by the Society of Arts

Above the name an eagle is depicted.

Site: Napoleon III (1 memorial)

SW1, King Street, 1b - 1c

This is the oldest surviving official blue plaque, erected in 1867, and is the only one erected during a subject's lifetime.

2022: This house was for sale. The interior photos show a rather dull, out-of-date but up-market decor, but the blurb gives some interesting historical details: "Napoleon III escaped to England after a failed coup in 1840, and in 1847 took the lease on 1C King Street, transforming it into a tribute to his famous family, installing a portrait of Napoleon I by Delaroche and uniforms worn by his uncle in the large first floor drawing room. He became an honourary member of some of London's most exclusive clubs, and had an affair with heiress Harriet Howard, who funded his return to France. After the fall of the Bourbon monarchy in 1848, Napoleon III returned to France and was elected president a year later. He reportedly left his London home in haste, as there was still bath water in his tub, and his bed was unmade."

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Napoleon III

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Napoleon III of France

Last monarch of France. Son of Louis Bonaparte (Napoleon I's brother) and Hor...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Napoleon III

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Royal Society of Arts

Founded by William Shipley as the "Society of Arts" in Rawthmell's Coffee Hou...

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