Murray House

Murray House Murray House

Murray House
Frank Scarlett - architect
Whyatt Builders Litd - contractors

{Above the text is a relief showing a schematic street-scene of alternate modern and traditional towers. The sun and a star are shown at the top and a fox prowls at the door.}

The puzzle here is: what does this image depict? The Barbican? And what do the fox and heavenly bodies represent? 

Site: Murray House (1 memorial)

EC2, Bridgewater Street, Murray House

Barbican Living reports: "One major cock-up was that before the Corporation had made its mind up to include the area north of Beech Street in the development, they had given permission for the construction of Murray House in Beech Street. As a result, the podium behind Ben Jonson House has to take an awkward leap round this particularly wretched building, designed by Frank Scarlett and completed in 1958."

Time Travel Explorer tells us that Bridgewater Street used to be Princes Street.  London Gardens On-line gives the history of area.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Murray House

Subjects commemorated i

Frank Scarlett

Modernist architect. We can find no information about him and no image, so fo...

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