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Lord Wandsworth - monument Nightingale House

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Stone: Lord Wandsworth - monument


{Semi-circula stone:}
This freehold building and the land in which it stands were presented for the purposes of a home for the aged poor of the Jewish faith by the Rt. Honourable Lord Wandsworth in memory of his father David Viscount de Stern and his mother Sophia Viscountess de Stern.

{Lower plaque:}
This stone was laid by the Right Honourable Lord Wandsworth on July 17th 1906.
Wm. Flockhart F.R.I.B.A. Architect.
Wm. Johnson & Co. Ltd. Builders.

Both these stones must have been rescued from the building during renovation works. The top one looks like it formed the blind fanlight above a door and the other is a very standard foundation / opening stone.

Site: Nightingale House (3 memorials)

SW12, Nightingale Lane, 105, Ferndale

This building was once the home of Sydney Stern, Lord Wandsworth. From Visit Jewish London: "Nightingale - London’s premier care home for older Jewish people.... Originally known as The Home for Aged Jews, Nightingale has a 170 year history, originating in the East End of London.  In 1908, the Home moved into its current site in Clapham .... following a gift of the building and grounds by Lord Wandsworth, the Viscount de Stern.  In 2008, Nightingale celebrated the centenary of its current site, which has been greatly improved over the years ..."  It was probably during those improvements that the two stones found their way out to the little monument on the front lawn.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Lord Wandsworth - monument

Information Subjects commemorated

Sophia Viscountess de Stern

Born Frankfurt.  Wife of David Viscount de Stern and mother to Sydney and Edw...

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David Viscount de Stern

Banker. Born in Frankfurt. Brother to Herman Stern, husband to Sophia and fat...

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Lord Wandsworth

Banker, Member of Parliament and philanthropist. Born Sydney James Stern in L...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Lord Wandsworth - monument

Information Created by

William Flockhart

Architect. Born in Kilmarnock. He specialised in designing country houses, in...

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Lord Wandsworth - monument

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