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London Troops memorial plaque - Fulham

London Troops memorial - Fulham London Troops memorial plaque - Fulham

Erection date: 12/11/1920


{In the central top section:}
The London Troops Memorial
Erected in front of the Royal Exchange
7th London (County of London) Brigade RFA
{The top left square carries the crest for the City of London}

{On the square in the bottom left corner:}
Unveiled on Novr 12th 1920 by HRH The Duke of York, KG on behalf of Field Marshal HRH the Duke of Connaught, KG, KT, KP.

{On the middle section below the relief:}
To the immortal honour of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of London, who served their king and Empire in the Great War.  1914 – 1919.
This memorial is dedicated in proud and grateful recognition by the City and County of London.
“Their name liveth for evermore.”

{On the square in the bottom right corner:}
Raised by public subscription at the Mansion House in the peace year 1919 during the mayoralty of Col. The Right Hon. Sir Horace Brooks Marshall KCVO, LLD.
{Inscribed on the relief, on the base of the statue to the right:}
Drury RA

We recognised this as a flat version of the monument at the Royal Exchange and were pleased to find an explanation of how it came to be, from Stepping Forward London: "The London Troops Memorial that stands in the City of London, in front of the Royal Exchange, was erected in 1920 and is dedicated to all those from London Units who fell in the conflicts of 1914-1919 and 1939-1945. At the time of the original dedication, each unit listed was presented with a bronze plaque repricating {sic} the memorial to be displayed in their Headquarter locations.

Many of these plaques still survive and have been tracked to their current 2014 locations {given on another SFL page}. Some are stored, some have been preserved in museum collections and one is in a memorial park in Fulham. However, the majority are affixed to the wall in the Drill Hall of the successor unit as was originally intended."

Site: London Troops memorial - Fulham (3 memorials)

SW6, Putney Bridge Approach, Vicarage Gardens

See the Fulham monument for more info on this garden.

On this wall are attached 3 memorials: two large stone panels (one for each world war, with WW2 on the left) flanking a bronze plaque which is the London Troops War Memorial, in plaque form. The unveiling details given on the bronze plaque are identical to those on the full-size memorial.

On both stone panels the names are in 4 columns, in alphabetical sequence. However on the WW1 panel each column has 5-7 names at the bottom in random sequence. By WW2 they'd got better organised, or just delayed the memorial for longer, since there are no late additions.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
London Troops memorial plaque - Fulham

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7th London (County of London) Bde. R.F.A.

London unit which served in WW1.

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
London Troops memorial plaque - Fulham

Created by Information

Corporation of the City of London

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County of London

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Alfred Drury

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King George VI

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London Troops memorial plaque - Fulham

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