King Cole

King Cole King Cole

Erection date: 26/6/1988


In memory of King Cole, aboriginal cricketer who died on the 24th June 1868.
Your Aboriginal dreamtime home. Wish you peace.
Nyuntu anangu tjukurpa wiltja nga palya nga.
Eucalyptus pauciflora donated to the Aboriginal Cricket Association by Hillier Nurseries Ltd.
Planted on Sunday 26th June 1988.

This website confirms that the Aboriginal words mean the same as the preceding line.

Site: King Cole (1 memorial)

E2, Meath Gardens

The plaque is located in the grass by the fenced-in tree.

Credit for this entry to: Alan Patient of

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King Cole

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Aboriginal Cricket Association

We can't find any indication that this group still exists.

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King Cole

Cricketer, whose real name was Bripumyarrimin. He was a member of the Austral...

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King Cole

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Hillier Nurseries

A family owned company with a tradition in professional horticulture. The lar...

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