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James Palmer bust James Palmer bust

Bust: James Palmer bust

Erection date: 1882


{Middle plaque:}
The Reverend James Palmer founded almshouses in Palmer’s Passage for six poor old men and six poor old women. AD 1656. Re-erected here AD 1881.

{Left-most plaque:}
Mr Nicholas Butler founded two almshouses in Little Chapel Street near Palmer’s Passage for two of the most ancient couples of the best report AD 1675. Re-erected here AD 1881.

{Right-most plaque:}
Benefactors to the Rev’d James Palmer’s Charity
{list of 8 names, see Subjects commemorated.}

{Lower plaque, identical to that at the Hill bust:}
These buildings are the United Westminster Almshouses, erected AD 1882, following a scheme of the Charity Commissioners dated 11th July 1879 for the consolidation of the almshouses in Westminster founded by the Reverend James Palmer AD 1656, Mr Nicholas Butler AD 1675 and Mr Emery Hill AD 1708. Further particulars of this charity are inscribed upon the stone tablets above.

The plaque immediately below the bust is blank but there are 4 others below that, each with an inscription.  The text of the upper three is helpfully provided on a framed, type-written sheet at eye-level. 

The plaque gives no dates for the 8 benefactors so we've only managed to identify the two Sir Crosses, and even those are a little tentative.

Site: James Palmer bust (1 memorial)

SW1, Rochester Row, 42

These Almshouses are in two blocks, quite some distance apart. The end wall of the southern block carries the Palmer bust; with the Emery Hill bust on the northern block.

While here, do have a look at the building behind the camera, a Westminster Kingsway College building on the corner of Rochester Row and Vincent Square - its 1950s decorative brickwork is much appreciated by Ornamental Passions.

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James Palmer bust

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