Highgate School - Cholmeley House

Highgate School - Cholmeley House Highgate School - Cholmeley House

Hunc lapidem posuit Rogerus Gaskell Hetherington
Scholae Cholmeleianae et alumnus et gubernator
Ea spe ut discipuli iuniores suas ipsi aedes
fama et honore in posterum augeant atque ornent

{We think the Latin text tells us that Roger Gaskell Hetherington, who was an old boy of Highgate School and a school governor, laid the foundation stone on 17 Nov. 1937 in the hope that young pupils in the future will contribute to this house and increase its reputation.}

On the wall high above the plaque is the school shield. The scroll below the shield reads : schola Rogeri-Cholmeley Mil Highgate.

Site: Highgate School - Cholmeley House (1 memorial)

N6, Bishopswood Road, Cholmeley House

Highgate School was founded in April 1565 by Sir Roger Cholmeley, Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench, a few months before he died. Old boys of Highgate School are known as Old Cholmeleians.

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Highgate School - Cholmeley House

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Roger Gaskell Hetherington

President of the Institution of Civil Engineers; Treasurer and Chairman of th...

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