Millstream House - plaque

Millstream House Millstream House - plaque

Erection date: 1947


The northwest corner of this building was destroyed by bombs on the 14th October 1940 and rebuilt in 1947.
This stone and the the gargoyle above were taken from a part of the Houses of Parliament also damaged in the air raids.

The plaque seems to be attempting to justify the presence here of these bits of the Houses of Parliament with a connection between the two buildings - they were both damaged in WW2 air raids!  

We have contacted both Southwark Council and the Houses of Parliament in an attempt to find out why this governmental bomb debris finished up on a block of flats in Bermondsey, but have had no response.

It's most likely that the gargoyle and stone became available on 10/11 May 1941 when the House of Commons was badly damaged. See our House of Commons page for details of other liberated lumps of Parliamentary stone that found other homes.

Site: Millstream House (2 memorials)

SE16, Jamaica Road, Millstream House

The plaque is near the base of the building, directly below the gargoyle.

Credit for this entry to: Alan Patient of

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Millstream House - plaque

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Millstream House - plaque

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