Guildhall Yard fountain

Erection date: 2010


{On a bronze plaque attached to the eastern side of the base:}
City of London
The St Lawrence & Mary Magdalene drinking fountain
Commissioned by the united parishes of St Lawrence Jewry & St Mary Magdalene.
Originally located in the Guildhall Yard outside the church of St Lawrence Jewry from 1866 to 1970.

Designed by architect John Robinson and sculptor Joseph Durham.
Restored and relocated here in 2010.

The inscription text is taken from a modern (and indeed rather nasty) plaque attached to the east side of the plinth. For our close-up slot we decided to use a study in the skills of the restorer and only accidentally captured someone engaged in cradle work.

We've been told that this fountain actually works.

Site: Guildhall Yard fountain (1 memorial)

EC4, St Paul's Churchyard

This fountain was originally erected in Guildhall Yard in 1866 and removed in 1970. It then gathered dust somewhere for 40 years before being re-erected here in 2010.

2018: A London Inheritance have a photo of the fountain in its original location. In our photo on the Guildhall Yard page, were the fountain still there, the man with the red rucksack is just about to walk into it.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Guildhall Yard fountain

Subjects commemorated i

St Lawrence Jewry

St Lawrence Jewry is so called because the original twelfth century church st...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Guildhall Yard fountain

Created by i

Joseph Durham (sculptor)

Sculptor.  Born London.  Died London.

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John Robinson

Architect active 1866.  We can't identify this man.

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