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Guilders Stone - 1961 Guilders Stone - 2 locations

Plaque: Guilders Stone - 1961

We chose the frame in the film that shows the plaque (immediately in front of the man's head) and also the corner stone lintel and pillar (showing the score lines caused by the tow ropes passing around the corner). The characters have just run under the road bridge and are turning the right-angle corner to run up the path beside the road, past the plaque.

Site: Guilders Stone - 2 locations (2 memorials)

NW1, Canal tow path, Camden High Street

Having already published this stone in 2016 we were delighted to spot it in an old movie, in a slightly different position.

The 1961 CFF film "The Monster of Highgate Ponds" (a catnip title to a London cinephile) shows the plaque (at c.50 minutes) in its previous location. Whereas now the path from the canal up to road level runs to the west, and then back to the road, via a 2-part accessible ramp, it used to run up a single ramp beside the road so there was just a wall and railings between the path and the road. This plaque used to be on that wall. When the double ramp was introduced the plaque was rescued and re-erected on the wall between the 2 ramps.We captured the frame and you can see that the plaque already has the explanatory text referring to its previous move in 1876.

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Guilders Stone - 1961

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