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Gift from Lord Rothermere Gift from Lord Rothermere

Plaque: Gift from Lord Rothermere

Erection date: /7/1934


Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park
This park which was opened in July 1934 was formerly the grounds of Bethlem Hospital - the land was bought by Lord Rothermere who presented it to the London County Council to be laid out as a park and named in memory of his mother.

This plaque was unveiled a second time, during the 75th anniversary celebrations on 18 July 2009. From the Daily Mail: the 4th Viscount Rothermere "said he was very touched to be invited to unveil the very plaque dedicated by his great-grandfather in 1934. Recently restored by sculptor Hamish Horsley, it had fallen into disrepair and was only rediscovered during a chance clear-out of the park's Lodge."

Site: Gift from Lord Rothermere (1 memorial)

SE1, St George's Road, Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park

The plaque is on the wall, behind the dog-walker's head.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Gift from Lord Rothermere

Information Subjects commemorated

Bethleham Hospital 1&2

A priory for the Order of the Star of Bethlehem, built in 1247 on Bishopsgate...

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Geraldine Mary Harmsworth

Mother of Lord Rothermere.   Born in Dublin as Geraldine Mary Maffett, the da...

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Gift from Lord Rothermere

Information Created by

London County Council

Prior to the LCC London matters were run by church parishes. The LCC was the ...

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Harold Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere

Newspaper owner. He and his brother Alfred, later Lord Northcliffe, developed...

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