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Four reclaimed heads Four reclaimed heads

Memorial: Four reclaimed heads

There are four of these delightful heads - all different, from right to left:
- beard, pointed ears, bad teeth, shell and leaves on head,
- smiling female, dolphins in hair, leaves and berries below chin (pictured),
- female, grapes and leaves on head.
- beard, frown, oak leaves and acorns on head.

Normally one would expect four such figures to represent the four elements, or the four seasons but these puzzle us. What do they represent? What was the building they came from?

Site: Four reclaimed heads (1 memorial)

NW1, Camley Street

The front of this plain unattractive modern building is adorned with four heads which almost certainly have been reclaimed from a demolished building.

2016: Sometime over the last few years this building has been demolished and replaced with Urbanest St Pancras - a residential block. So these heads now appear on both our Lost page and our Puzzle page and we are wishing we had photographed all of them.

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