Millennium Measure

Erection date: 16/9/2002


{On the triangular plaque laid into the ground:}
The Scientific Instrument Makers Millennium Measure
The Millennium Measure measures the gift of the court & livery of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers to the City of London in commemoration of the millennium. It comprises a 3 sided, 2 metre (2M = 2000MM) rule depicting two thousand years of history of the City, the Church and the craft of scientific instrument making. The initials "MM" stand for "Millennium Measure", "millimetre" and "two thousand" in Roman numerals.
This plaque commemorates the presentation of the millennium measure on 16th September 2002 and its acceptance on behalf of the City by the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor Alderman, Michael Oliver.

Organising committee:
Dr D. C. Cornish - Master
Mr. N. J. Watson - Clerk
Past Master M. T. Dixon
Liveryman F. G. Everard
Clerk Emeritus
Miss Joanna A. Migdal - Designer
Clifford Chapman, Metalworks Ltd - Contractor

{Low stone plinth - vertical edge is inscribed:}
Millennium Measure – The Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers

{Low stone plinth - three visible segments of the upper surface are each inscribed with a shield and:}
The church
Science & instrumentation
The City of London

{and on the panel of glass above each of these segments is inscribed a timeline of the events that occurred in the relevant field.}

This monument is a tall, triangular, pyramidal, glass case containing a steel rule, 2 metres long, marked off in millimetres. That's a punning "2000mm" as the text points out. The shape is a presentiment of the Shard.

Site: Millennium Measure (1 memorial)

EC4, Millennium Bridge, Under the bridge

Over to the right of our picture you can just see the lift to help people who can't manage the steps. As we pushed our bike in we noticed that it is labeled an "inclinator"- it's not a lift at all. The doors closed and a disembodied voice said "Please hold the hand-rail." Oh-ooo, we nervously grabbed it with both hands. The inclinator rose, moving almost imperceptibly, and safely deposited us at the top.

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Millennium Measure

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Millennium Measure

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Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers

The WCSIM promotes the craft of scientific instrument making and the exchange...

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Joanna A. Migdal

Horologist. Born Chiswick. Has been a maker of sundials, clocks and public sc...

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Michael Oliver

Born James Michael Yorrick Oliver. Investment banker and Lord Mayor of London...

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