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Dodi and Diana - Harrods Dodi and Diana - Harrods

Memorial: Dodi and Diana - Harrods

Erection date: /4/1998

Both the Egyptian escalator and associated decorations and the bronze statue were designed by Bill Mitchell. The pyramid shrine was installed here in April 1998. The statue was unveiled in September 2005. We have seen a photo of the statue being polished at the Bronze Age Foundry.

Site: Dodi and Diana - Harrods (1 memorial)

SW1, Brompton Road, Harrods

On the lower ground floor at the foot of the Egyptian escalator there is a statue and a candle-lit shrine to Dodi and Diana - their images beneath a pyramid-shaped display case containing a ring Dodi had given Diana and the wine glass she used in her last meal. It was said at one time that the condolence book was so popular that it had to be replaced every 10 days.

Elsewhere in the store there is supposed to be a waxwork of Fayed himself, but we decided not to include this self-aggrandising memorial on our site.

During the 2007 inquest into the deaths Fayed's website ( - no longer functioning) provided daily coverage.

2018: The Evening Standard reports that, now that plans exist for an official memorial statue to Diana, Mohamed al Fayed has accepted the decision of the Qatari Royal Family (the current owners of Harrods) to remove this statue. The Daily Star says it is to be returned to Fayad before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Once the statue has gone the Qataris probably hope that Harrods will regain the patronage of the Royal Family. One wonders where  they have been acquiring their diamonds since 2000.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Dodi and Diana - Harrods

Information Subjects commemorated

Dodi Fayed

Born in Egypt, eldest son of millionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. Briefly married to...

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Diana Princess of Wales

Born Lady Diana Frances Spencer in Norfolk. Married the Prince of Wales at St...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Dodi and Diana - Harrods

Information Created by

Bronze Age Ltd

Casting foundry based at the Limehouse Basin. It provides a service to artist...

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Mohamed Al-Fayed

Shop-keeper.  Born Egypt.  Arrived in London in the 70s and added the aristoc...

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William Mitchell

Sculptor. He has worked in a vast variety of techniques and media, producing ...

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