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Chalybeate Well Chalybeate Well

Fountain: Chalybeate Well


{On a marble tablet:}
To the memory of the Honble. Susanna Noel who with her son Baptist 3rd Earl of Gainsborough gave this well together with 6 acres of land to the use and benefit of the poor of Hampstead 20th Decr. 1698.

Drink traveller and with strength renewed let a kind thought be given to her who has thy thirst subdued. Then render thanks to heaven.

{Inscribed in the stone work below:}
Chalybeate Well

The water source was discovered at the end of the 17th century. 'Chalybeate' denotes a natural mineral spring containing iron salts. At the time of this gift Susanna's husband had recently died and Baptist, their son, was aged 14. The land became known as the Wells Charity and a residential estate was built.

A London Inheritance has a splendid post on this item, with lots of history and pictures.

Site: Chalybeate Well (1 memorial)

NW3, Well Walk

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Chalybeate Well

Information Subjects commemorated

Baptist Noel, 3rd Earl of Gainsborough

Probably inherited the title in 1690. Mother was Susanna Noel.

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Susanna Noel

Mother of 3rd Earl of Gainsborough.

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