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Cavalry Memorial - original position Cavalry Memorial - original position

Statue (lost): Cavalry Memorial - original position

Erection date: 21/5/1924

Go to the page for the memorial in its current position for the Inscription and all the Commemorated subjects, sculptor, etc. The architect for the memorial was Sir Burnet - he surely designed the whole setting including the white wall/screen shown in this image, and lost when the monument was moved. 

Site: Cavalry Memorial - original position (1 memorial)

W1, Park Lane, Stanhope Gate

This statue is not actually lost, just moved, but we wanted to show this picture of it in its original location, which comes from a film.

The first half of the 1938 film 'The Divorce of Lady X' takes place in the 'Royal Parks Hotel'. It's all filmed on a set but there are two shots when curtains are drawn to reveal the scene out the respective windows. An equestrian statue caught our attention so we captured the shots. The little car park at the southern entrance to the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane is very distinctive, and little changed; that confirmed our identification of the location.

However the other scene is barely recognisable. The statue is the St George of the Cavalry memorial which now sits well inside the Park, on Serpentine Road. The whole monument was moved there in 1961 when Park Lane was converted into the motorway that we now all know and detest. Before seeing the old Stanhope Gate in this picture we had not realised that the road inside the park was just as much a road as the original narrow Park Lane.

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