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Camberwell WW1 victims - Chumleigh Gardens Camberwell WW1 victims - Chumleigh Gardens

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Monument: Camberwell WW1 victims - Chumleigh Gardens
War Memorial


In memory of the the twenty two citizens of Camberwell who were killed by German Zeppelin air raiders in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

This memorial commemorates all 22 Camberwell citizens killed in WW1. We don't know when it was unveiled but think it may be the response to a 2016 campaign to replace the lost plaque that used be be at the site of one of the most devastating attacks, where 12 people died.

Site: Camberwell WW1 victims - Chumleigh Gardens (1 memorial)

SE5, Albany Road, Chumleigh Gardens

Chumleigh Gardens is a delightful hidden away gem; the buildings at the centre of the gardens were constructed as almshouses.

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Camberwell WW1 victims - Chumleigh Gardens

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