Bromley Town pump

Bromley town pump and 2 murals Bromley Town pump

{Information panel on the plinth:}
Bromley Town Pump
A parish pump stood in the market square adjacent to the market hall for many years. The pump was fed with water from an underground stream that still surfaces in the Church House Gardens. However at the time of the building of the old town hall in 1863 the original pump was removed.
The present pump of interesting Victorian design was put up as a replacement on a new site in the market square sometime in the 1860s. This pump was also removed when the old town hall was demolished in 1933 to make way for the Market Square development. It was re-erected in Church House Gardens, where it stood for fifty years before being restored.
London Borough of Bromley

{On the circular plaque laid into the pavement:}
Town Pump
Cast iron pump which originally stood approximately 20m away on the north west corner of the old Victorian Town Hall.
Bromley North Village Heritage Trail

For another lovely Gothic pump, possibly the same model, see Enfield Market.

Site: Bromley town pump and 2 murals (3 memorials)

BR1, Market Square, 20 - 25

Our photograph showing the blank wall was taken from a website which no longer exists. The Wells mural was replaced by the one for Darwin.

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Bromley Town pump

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Bromley Town pump

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