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William Pitt Byrne William Pitt Byrne

Fountain: William Pitt Byrne

Erection date: 1862


{On a modern plaque at the front:}
Erected by the friends of William Pitt Byrne, Esq. M. A. after a design by his widow in affectionate remembrance of the rare combination of estimable qualities which in life his modesty concealed. To his strict integrity, political consistency, noble disinterestedness, and uniform determination to vindicate the cause of independent journalism, may be ascribed his success as proprietor of the Morning Post, in maintaining the elevated tone it had attained under his father. His acquirements in classical and general literature, his love of science and art, his proficiency in music and the countenance by which he promoted their cultivation, were not less attractive than his singleness of heart, forgiving temper, generous appreciation of others, unobtrusive piety, and practical charity, rendering this refreshing fountain a suitable memorial of his worth.

{inscribed into the stone at the back:}
Offered to the public, 1862.

He sounds a stubborn prig, doesn't he? The plaque is clearly a recent addition but presumably has taken the wording directly off a damaged original. The stone is quite weather-worn particularly the urn on the summit but the fluted, shell-like basin is very attractive - well done, Julia.

2017: Londonist examines the text with a journalist's eye and suggests this could be London's Most Overblown Plaque. They have also published Julia's design which makes an interesting comparison with the monument itself.

Site: William Pitt Byrne (1 memorial)

W1, George Street

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William Pitt Byrne

Information Subjects commemorated

William Pitt Byrne

His father, Nicholas Byrne, founder of the 'Morning Post', was murdered in hi...

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William Pitt Byrne

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Julia Clara Pitt Byrne, née Busk

Writer and illustrator.  1842 married William Pitt Byrne and, when the time c...

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