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Billy Bunter creator Billy Bunter creator

Plaque: Billy Bunter creator


Charles Hamilton, known as Frank Richards, creator of Billy Bunter, was born in a house on this site, 8 August 1876.

Site: Billy Bunter creator (1 memorial)

W5, Ealing Broadway Centre, The Broadway

Not an easy plaque to find, and if you don't like shopping centres, not a pleasant hunt. We believe our pin is in exactly the right place and we hope our photo makes it easier for those who come after us. The exterior that can be seen in the photo is a sort of internal courtyard.

Why, oh why, oh why, didn't they erect the roof structure first, and then the plaque? If you tell us they did, we'll weep.

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Billy Bunter creator

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Billy Bunter

Character in a series of stories set in Greyfriars School, originally publish...

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Charles Hamilton (Frank Richards)

Author for children.  Born Oak Street, Ealing, where the plaque now is.  Spec...

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