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Bevis Marks - war memorial Bevis Marks Synagogue

Plaque: Bevis Marks - war memorial
War Memorial


In honoured memory of the Yehidim and sons of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation London who gave their lives for their country, 1914 – 1918.
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1939 - 1945
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Yehidim or, more usually Yehudim, comes from the Bible and means the Kingdom of Judah, or the tribe of Judah, or Jews.

Site: Bevis Marks Synagogue (3 memorials)

EC3, Bevis Marks

The Synagogue, accessed through the arch, is in the courtyard behind this office block, with its front door facing north-west. On the front of the Synagogue is the war plaque and above the door: a plaque giving the date of the building as 1701 and a clock dated 1858. Sacred Destinations has photos showing all this. The London Wall plaque is to the right of the entrance to the courtyard, in the covered arcade over the pavement that you can see in our photo.

The courtyard also used to house the congregation’s school, almshouse and orphanage. The synagogue survived WW1 and WW2 unscathed but was damaged in 1992 by the IRA Baltic Exchange bombSpitalfields Life have many photos of the inside of the synagogue and Sephardi has a full history.

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Bevis Marks - war memorial

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Bevis Marks - war memorial

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