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Beresford Pite Islington West Library

Plaque: Beresford Pite

Erection date: 30/7/1906


This stone was laid June 30 1906 by Councillor T. F. Bryen, Chairman of the Public Libraries Committee.
C. Dearing & Sons - Builders
W. F. Dewey - Town Clerk
Beresford Pite - Architect

The text we have transcribed is off a very dull plaque on this wall near the ground. The photograph shows the name plaque, high on the building: "West Islington Branch Library, AD MCMVI {1906}" but, much more interesting, it also allows a close up of some of the alphabet letters with which this building is adorned.

Site: Islington West Library (2 memorials)

N1, Thornhill Square, Islington West Library

We were admiring the decorative brickwork on this 1906 building, rather hoping it might have a plaque so that we could include it. It has a plaque, quite dull so we have not photographed it, but the building has the alphabet integrated into the design, all 26 letters. The photograph shows F, G and H, each carved superimposed on a Greek palmette. We cannot think of a better decoration for a library but we've never seen the alphabet honoured in this way before.

Comparing the date on the plaque inside the foyer, with the date on the stone outside, we see that the library opened exactly one week before the stone was laid.

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Beresford Pite

Information Created by

C. Dearing & Sons

Builders in 1906.

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T. F. Bryen

1906 Councillor and Chairman of the Public Libraries Committee and Chairman o...

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William Francis Dewey

Islington Town Clerk in 1894, 1897 and 1906.  Was interviewed by the Charles ...

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Beresford Pite

Architect.  Born, Arthur Beresford Pite, 9 South Terrace, Grosvenor Park, Wal...

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Beresford Pite

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