All Hallows, Gospel Oak, War Memorial

All Hallows, Gospel Oak, War Memorial All Hallows, Gospel Oak, War Memorial

Pray for the souls of the servers and members of this choir and congregation of this church who died in the Great War and in whose memory this cross was dedicated Easter A.D. MCMXVIII. R.I.P.

{the Latin numeral date translates as 1918.}

This text is on the north-west face of the stone base to the cross. There was text on at least one other side of the stone but the weather has worn it away almost entirely.

Site: All Hallows, Gospel Oak, War Memorial (1 memorial)

NW3, Savernake Road, Parish Church of All Hallows

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All Hallows, Gospel Oak, War Memorial

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Members of All Hallows, Gospel Oak

Parish Church of All Hallows, servers and members of the choir and congregati...

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