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A. J. Avery A. J. Avery

Plaque: A. J. Avery

Erection date: 1897


Erected, A. J. Avery, 1897

Site: A. J. Avery (1 memorial)

SE11, Kennington Lane, Tommyfield, 185

A Lambeth paper reports that Charlie Chaplin, who was born in 1889 and brought up nearby, remembers sitting on the pavement outside this pub, enjoying the music. But, assuming he was younger than 8, that would have been the previous building.

Another Lambeth site gives 1746 as the date of origin of the pub and reports on the publican in 1764 being thrown from a horse and dying from his injuries.

Prior to 1856 the address was number 64 Lower Kennington Lane.

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A. J. Avery

Information Subjects commemorated

Alexander James Avery

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