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Robert Hooke

Person  Male  Born 18/7/1635  Died 3/3/1703

Categories: Architecture, Science

Natural philosopher (or scientist, in today's terminology) and architect. Born Isle of Wight. Curator of Experiments at the Royal Society, Professor of Geometry at Gresham College, Surveyor to the City of London. Never married but his diary refers to a number of heterosexual relationships.

Died in London and was buried at St Helen, Bishopsgate, but his bones have been moved, and lost. No authenticated portrait exists so we have used his signature for our picture.

2022: From New Scientist: "In 1891, workmen restoring the floor of the nave had uncovered a jumble of crushed coffins, corpses and old bones. Work stopped. The remains were packed into crates and carted off to a new burial place at Wanstead {City of London Cemetery, Wanstead}, 10 kilometres away. ... As many as 1000 dead had lain under St Helen’s nave. Only 10 were identified and Hooke wasn’t one of them. All unclaimed bones were buried in a common grave."

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Robert Hooke

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Robert Hooke - Monument Street

This was installed before 2012.

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