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This section lists the memorials where the subject on this page is commemorated:

Information Commemorated at

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1 - Crane Court – The Daily Courant

Crane Court The Daily Courant, No 1 Wednesday March 11, 1702 {A facsimile of ...

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2 - Red Lion Court – Caslon

Red Lion Court W Caslon Junr Letter founder ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAEOE I...

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3 - Johnson’s Court – Dr Johnson’s Dictionary

{A facsimile of a page of Dr Johnson’s Dictionary.} From 1748 to 1759 Dr Joh...

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4 - St Dunstan’s Court – Space Invaders

Seems very odd for the chosen illustration to be of a computer game.

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5 - Bolt Court – The Sun

Bolt Court The Sun {A facsimile of a page of the paper.} Tuesday 15 September...

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