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Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor

Group  From 27/4/1908 

An exclusive club which only knights can join.  Founded in 1908 to enable a joint opposition to the Walker Trustees who were enforcing their entitlement to collect monies from newly created Knights.

More details: The Office of Usher of the White Rod which has existed since at least 1393, was an attendant of the Parliament of Scotland and an hereditary office.  In 1758 it became a commodity which could be bought and sold.  From The Edge: "Eventually it was purchased by William Walker, an Edinburgh lawyer, for his son Sir Patrick. As well as the income, Patrick was keen on the ceremonial side and he appeared at the Coronation of King George IV, and at George IV's famous visit to Edinburgh in 1822, dressed up in his specially designed pantaloons and uniform."  The Walker family then set up a Trust and in 1877, by Act of Parliament, all newly created Knights Bachelor became liable to pay certain fees to the Walker Trustees in perpetuity.  The Knights objected.  It's not clear why they had not objected before but possibly the fees had not previously been collected efficiently, or at all.  Hence they needed a body (the ISKB) with which to fight the court case, which went to appeal but they did win.  The amount which no longer had to be paid was, per Knight Bachelor, £3 6s 8d. From the rate sheet at ISKB we see that a Duke was the most expensive at over £21.  We think that White Rod lost all this income so goodness knows how he affords the panteloons now.

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Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor

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