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Hilda Doolittle

Person  Female  Born 10/9/1886  Died 27/9/1961

Categories: Literature, Poetry

Countries: Switzerland, USA

Poet and writer. Born Pennsylvania, moved to London in 1911 as an Imagist poet. Her work was often infused with Greek mythology and she had a particular interest in the poetry of Sappho. Spent much of her adult life in England and Switzerland. Acted in the silent 1930 film Borderline which was filmed in Switzerland. A friend and patient of Freud. While still in the States was engaged briefly to Ezra Pound, another Imagist. Married in 1913 to Richard Aldington but they were estranged after only a few years although they did not divorce until 1938 and their friendship lasted all their lives.

Her bisexuality led to complex relationships. For example: her long-time female lover, Bryher married Kenneth McPherson, at the time Hilda's lover, indeed all three lived together, presumably with Perdita, Hilda's 9-year old daughter (by another man) whom the happy couple adopted. HD (as she was known) had dual nationality, British and US, but still chose to stay in London, Knightsbridge, during the Blitz. Both had other lovers and they often lived apart but Bryher and HD remained together until HD's death, with Bryher's wealth supporting them both. HD died in Zürich.

HD was discovered by feminists in the 1970s and 80s and her work is now favourably compared with poets such as T. S. Eliot, her fellow Anglo-American and contemporary.

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Hilda Doolittle

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Hilda Doolittle

H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), poet and writer, lived here, 1917 - 1918.

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