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Hackney Council


Shoreditch Borough Council took over Shoreditch Vestry and was itself taken over by Hackney Council.

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Hackney Council

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Abney House

Oops! The plaque has 'Issac' rather than the more common 'Isaac' and we can't...

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Alexander Parkes and Parkesine

First plastic in the world, known as 'parkesine', invented by Alexander Parke...

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Anthony Newley

Anthony Newley, 1931 - 1999, entertainer, was a pupil at this school and live...

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Braidwood Academy

Braidwood Academy for the Deaf and Dumb, first school in England for the educ...

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Britannia Theatre

On this site stood The Britannia Saloon, opened 1841, rebuilt in 1858 and ren...

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