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Greater London Council

Group  From 1965  To 1986

Replaced the LCC. The GLC was abolished, some say, because Mrs Thatcher could not abide its left-wing politics, nor its leader, Ken Livingstone. On its 50th anniversary Diamond Geezer posted a good summary of the Metropolitan Boroughs that made up the GLC.

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Greater London Council

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County Hall - London government

The County Hall. the home of London government from 1922 to 1986. LCC 1889 -...

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Dome of Discovery

{The plaque is laid flat on the ground.} This commemorative plaque was set i...

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Gatehouse Square, Southwark

The sculpture is titled "Great Oaks from Little Acorns".  From PMSA:"... hold...

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Grayling Square

Grayling Square This block was built in 1976 by the Greater London Council. T...

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Hobsons Place / Pelham Place

Hobsons Place This block was built in 1966 by the Greater London Council and ...

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Greater London Council

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A. A. Milne - SW3

Greater London Council A .A. Milne, 1882 - 1956, author, lived here.

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Admiral Robert Fitzroy - SW7

Greater London Council Admiral Robert Fitzroy, 1805-1865, hydrographer and me...

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A. E. Housman - N6

Housman lived here 1885-1905 when he moved, with his landlady to 1 Yarborough...

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Alfred Lord Milner

Greater London Council Alfred Lord Milner, 1854 - 1925, statesman, lived here.

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Alfred Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace, 1823 - 1913, naturalist, lived here. Greater London Co...

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