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Fawcett house in Vauxhall

Building  From 1791  To 1886

Categories: Property

From Friends of Vauxhall Park: "In 1725 Edward Lovibond of St James, Clerkenwell, bought the Carroun estate. The Lovibonds let part of the estate, subsequently known as The Lawn, to James Gubbins and Phillip Buckley in 1791 who promptly erected 8 houses fronting onto a large grass covered area or lawn. Originally the houses were known as 1 to 8 The Lawn but later became known as 37 to 51 (odd) South Lambeth Road."

In 1874 the Fawcetts moved into No. 8 The Lawn. See Vauxhall Park for maps which show The Lawn running north-south with houses on the east side, and rather suggests a terrace of houses, not a road of 8 substantial detached houses, as shown in this watercolour. The site of the plaque places the Fawcett house as the last, south-most, house in the row.

Another FoVP page describes the house: "Lawn House, as it was so aptly named, came with a substantial garden in which the Fawcetts could relax and enjoy the open air in London." The house name suggests that the Fawcett house was grander than the others in The Lawn.

When Henry died in 1884 Millicent moved away and worked with others to carry out her husband's wish - to turn the area into a public park, opened 1890- see Vauxhall Park.

From Friends of Vauxhall Park: "Although the other buildings in the park were demolished Henry’s house was left standing – probably to become a museum but it was eventually demolished in 1891. The contents from the house raised £75.10s (£75.50) which was accepted by Sir Henry Doulton for “a very fine Fountain made of Doulton Ware”.

The dates we give for the house may be a few years out.

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Fawcett house in Vauxhall

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Fawcett house - Vauxhall

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