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English Hedonists

English Hedonists


Categories: History, Humour

We think that the artist Carrie Reichardt may be part of this group, "Mad in England" being her trademark.

2018: Via Facebook Carrie kindly confirmed that she had made this series for a commission for the Whitecross Street Art Party many years ago. We found some references to this event in July 2010 so, if it was a one-off, that must be the year that these plaques were erected.

This section lists the memorials created by the subject on this page:
English Hedonists

Information Creations


Priss Fotheringham

Priss Fotheringham, lived here and was ranked the second best whore in the ci...

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Samuel Baylis and the Radical Club

Samuel Baylis lived on Whitecross Street and was a founder of the Radical Clu...

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Whitecross Debtors' Prison

Whitecross Debtors' Prison, 1813 - 1870 Warm-hearted Nell Gwynne, in her will...

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Whitecross Market

Whitecross Market, one of London's oldest markets. Started trading in 17th c...

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