Westminster School - old boys

Westminster School - old boys

Site: Westminster School - old boys (5 memorials)

SW1, Broad Sanctuary

From Westminster's Conservation Audit: This Listed grade II monument was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott. It is in a high Victorian Gothic with a main column in a polished red granite surmounted by a lantern cross and a statue of St. George, by J. R. Clayton.

Apparently a 'lantern cross' should be in the shape of a lantern but does not need any attributes of a cross. This lantern, above the capital and below St George, contains 4 statues of English monarchs carved by J. B. Philip which we have numbered, starting at the south and proceeding anti-clockwise.

Waymarking also has an entry for this monument.

Album Online have an early (but undated, unattributed) photo, probably taken when the memorial was first erected in 1861.

This section lists the memorials located at this site:
Westminster School - old boys