St Mary of Eton

Site: St Mary of Eton (2 memorials)

E9, Eastway

The plaque to Rev. Douglas is in the covered walkway, accessed via the arch at the right of our photo. Displayed close to the plaque is a plan of this site showing: the church itself; Vicarage, Mission and Vergers to the north; Eton House to the west; and Aumbrey to the south. 

"Eton Mission" was started in 1880 with the acquisition of the site. The first building to be erected was the Mission Hall in 1884. St Mary of Eton church, built 1890-02 as the centrepiece of the mission was designed by architects George Frederick Bodley and Thomas Garner. The gateway leads into the courtyard which is surrounded by the Eton Mission buildings including Eton House (1898) to house the clergy. 

Following wartime bomb damage, the church of St Augustine in nearby Victoria Park was closed in 1953 and its congregation merged with St Mary’s to form St Mary of Eton with St Augustine.

A major development and refurbishment of the Eton Mission site took place in 2013-14.

Sources: St Mary of Eton and Wikipedia.

This section lists the memorials located at this site:
St Mary of Eton


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