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Nobel House - 2 portrait keystones

Nobel House - 2 portrait keystones

SW1, Smith Square, 17, Nobel House

Nobel House is in the south-east of this square, mainly facing north but with a short west-facing facade. The portrait keystones are both on the 3rd floor: Berthelot is on the central north-facing window (facing the camera); Dalton on the west-facing window.The identifying names are on the corresponding 2nd floor balconies.

Oddly, this building was part of the bigger ICI building at the river front (where there are 9 other key stone busts). The two buildings were separated in 1987 and ICI moved out in the 1990s. 2017, this building on the Square is used by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

These 2 busts were brought to our attention by A London Inheritance

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Nobel House - 2 portrait keystones

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