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Morley mosaics - Westminster Bridge Road

Morley mosaics - Westminster Bridge Road

SE1, Westminster Bridge Road, Morley College

Left to right: Cons, Martineau, Hubback, Baylis. In our photo the pedestrian has just walked past Baylis.

These mosaics are on the Maufe 1937 extension to Morley College, all that remains of the pre-WW2 buildings.

See the other 10 portrait mosaics on the King Edward Walk side of the college - see there for more information.

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This section lists the memorials located at this site:
Morley mosaics - Westminster Bridge Road

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Morley mosaics - WBR - Caroline Martineau

Caroline Martineau, born 1844. Caroline was one of the earliest teachers at M...

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Morley mosaics - WBR - Emma Cons

Emma Cons, born 1838. Emma was a politician, suffragette, educationalist,busi...

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Morley mosaics - WBR - Eva Hubback

Eva Hubback, born 1886. An early English feminist and suffragette, Eva became...

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Morley mosaics - WBR - Lilian Baylis

Lilian Baylis, born 1874. A niece of Emma Cons, Lilian flourished as a theatr...

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