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Morley mosaics - King Edward Walk

Morley mosaics - King Edward Walk

SE1, King Edward Walk, Morley College

These 10 portrait mosaics are the result of a project by Morley College to celebrate the achievements of significant women who have lived or worked in the Waterloo area. Left to right: Thrale, Seacole, Mallett, Hill, McCall, Szabo, Mellor, Kelly, Rabatts, Bell. There is a small label under each mosaic which we have transcribed. Many of these portraits seem to have been installed at a slight tilt; for our photos we have set the worst offenders upright.

See also another 4 portrait mosaics on the Westminster Bridge Road side of the college.

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This section lists the memorials located at this site:
Morley mosaics - King Edward Walk

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Morley Mosaics - KEW - Annie McCall

Dr Annie McCall, born 1859. Annie founded the Clapham Maternity Hospital and ...

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Morley mosaics - KEW - Heather Rabbatts

Heather Rabbatts, born 1955. Heather was a Jamaican born British lawyer, busi...

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Morley mosaics - KEW - Hester Thrale

Hester Thrale, born 1741. Hester was a colourful member of London society, no...

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Morley mosaics - KEW - Jude Kelly

Jude Kelly, born 1954. Jude is a theatre director and producer with over 100 ...

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Morley mosaics - KEW - Margaret Mellor

Margaret Mellor, born 1933. As a Waterloo resident Margaret has worked for th...

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