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Virginia Woolf bust Virginia Woolf bust

Bust: Virginia Woolf bust

Erection date: 26/6/2004


{Carved in the plinth immediately under the bust:}
Virginia Woolf 1882 - 1941

{On a steel plate screwed to the plinth lower down:}
Virginia Woolf lived in a house formerly on the south side of Tavistock Square from 1924 to 1939 where most of her greatest novels were written and published.

'Then one day walking round Tavistock Square I made up, as I sometimes make up my books, To the Lighthouse; in a great, apparently involuntary, rush.'

This memorial was erected by the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain, 26 June 2004.

Bronze copy of the bust of Woolf sculpted by Stephen Tomlin in 1931, on a five-foot-high plinth of Portland stone designed by Stephen Barkway. This is a copy of the bust in the National Portrait Gallery which is apparently the only 3-D representation of Woolf taken from life.

Site: Virginia Woolf bust (1 memorial)

WC1, Tavistock Square Gardens

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Virginia Woolf bust

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Virginia Woolf bust

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