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Tot Ct Road Head 1 3 relief heads

Bust: Tot Ct Road Head 1

Site: 3 relief heads (3 memorials)

W1, Tottenham Court Road, 220 - 224 (Next Home)

The spaces between the first and second floor windows carry carved brick panels, one in each of the seven bays. Purely decorative panels alternate with ones carrying heads, as photographed here and numbered left to right. The two right-most could be generic, ethnic heads but the one on the left (which we've numbered 1) is surely a portrait. Each head is carried on a cartouche wreathed in leaves, a different type of leaf for each head but our leaf-identification skills fail us, which is a pity since the leaves might be a clue to the identity of the heads. Around Head 1 they are a little like bulrushes.
Having gone past this building again we see that there are another 3 heads, on the corner and around in Store Street, all of lower quality. The corner one is wearing Lawrence of Arabia headgear; one is very similar to Head 2 and one is similar to Head 3 and is possibly in a toga. Help needed.

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Tot Ct Road Head 1

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