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Tower Hamlets International Brigade Tower Hamlets International Brigade

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Plaque: Tower Hamlets International Brigade


{Between the three pointed star emblem of the Spanish Popular Front and the coat of arms of the Borough of Tower Hamlets:}
Tower Hamlets International Brigade, in honour of the volunteers who left Tower Hamlets to fight in the International Brigade, Spain, 1936-1939, they fought alongside the Spanish people to stop Fascism and save liberty and peace for all, they went because their open eyes could see no other way, "No Pasaran!".

{On the coat of arms:}
From great things to greater.

'No Pasaran' translates from Spanish as 'they shall not pass'.

Site: Tower Hamlets International Brigade (1 memorial)

E1, Cable Street, 236, St George's Town Hall

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Tower Hamlets International Brigade

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